FESL 2020-2021

The Board of Education for School DIstrict 8 Kootenay Lake is pleased to provide to its communities and the Ministry of Education the June 2021 update to our district's Framework for Enhanced Student Learning.

The Board is committed to ongoing improvement, to transparency and to evidence-based decision-making. This plan guides our decisions and the actions of staff in support of student success now and in the future.

The School District 8 - Kootenay Lake Board of Education mandate supports our strategic plan, which identifies the following four pathways for staff to improve student learning and support the success of all our students: learning, organizational excellence, relationships, and engagement. Within the learning goal, we focus on literacy, numeracy, Indigenous education and inclusion.

District Context

Coherence and Alignment

Strategic Engagement


Evidence Informed


Cycle of Improvement

Public Assurance