Letter from the Superintendent: Students First and Respectful Communications

Dear All,

The District has received some correspondence from concerned parents with respect to the future of Wildflower School that appears to be based on misinformation. Accordingly, I want to be clear that no discussion about closing Wildflower School has taken place at the District or Board of Education level.

Everything we do at School District No. 8 - Kootenay Lake is about serving the best interests of all our students. This includes first and foremost, that our learning goals of Literacy, Numeracy, Inclusion, and Indigenization are met following our board stated values of Educational Success, Creativity and Imagination, Engaged Citizenship, and Resiliency. We continue to advance our district mission which states that we “focus on excellence for all our learners in a nurturing environment”. To that end, the top-of-mind issue we face today with respect to Wildflower School has been primarily about where to educate our students. The Board of Education has several solutions on the table for consideration, each of which will provide long-term certainty to the future facilities for Wildflower School here in Nelson. We ask that everyone remain respectful, keep communications to the facts, and honour the Board of Education public process. Only Trustees can vote. The staff, including myself, do not get a vote and our role is simply to support the Board of Education in its decision-making.

On behalf of all District staff, we look forward to working together and focusing on fostering continued student success at Wildflower School into the future.


Thank you,

Dr. Christine Perkins | Superintendent & Chief Executive Officer


School District 8 Kootenay Lake

811 Stanley Street, Nelson, B.C.   V1L 1N8

Office:  250-505-7037

Cell:  250-505-9625

Email:  christine.perkins@sd8.bc.ca

Web:  www.sd8.bc.ca


CC:    All Trustees of the Board of Education of School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake)

          Michael McLellan, Secretary-Treasurer

          Sacha Kalabis, Principal of Wildflower School

          Misty Terpstra, Incoming Principal of Wildflower School

          Meghan Paterson, Wildflower School PAC Chair

          Shari Imada, Wildflower School PAC Middle Years Program Sub-Committee Chair


          Michelle Bennett, CUPE

          Anita Early, CUPE

          Carla Wilson, KLTF

          Doug Kunzelman, KLTF