SD8 Bus Registration Procedure 2019-2020

Student Bus Transportation Registration

For Students requiring bus services:

  • Please note that all families requiring bus service must complete a registration form for each child, every year.  
  • Seats are limited and only registered riders may use the bus service.
  • Please review with your child: Code of Conduct for Bus Students

Instructions on how to register:

  • Choose either East or West Bussing link
  • Complete and Submit the online Application Form indicating your child’s(ren’s) age and grade for the 2019-2020 school year (Please note that more than one child can be registered on the same online form)
  • Read the Bus Passenger Code of Conduct and confirm acceptance

Once approved by the District, the Transportation office will send an email back to you after August 19, 2019 to confirm your registration with times and stops assigned to your child/children to be used as a Bus Pass. 

  • Print off the Bus Pass.
  • Present the bus pass to the driver when they get on the bus in September.  (The bus pass will only be given to the driver once but must be presented the first time your child rides the bus.)

Please note: Students catching the bus in their catchment area will be given priority to students catching the bus out of their catchment.

Students will be permitted to ride the school bus only if there is a completed Bus Registration Form on file with the district.

Apply Now: 

East Bus Routes - Online Application                  West Bus Routes - Online Application