Parent Presentation - Mentoring Youth: Supporting Youth on their Path to Adulthood

Parent Night Out

Wed May 8th 7-8:30pm
LVRogers Secondary

Topic: Mentoring Youth - Supporting Youth on their Path to Adulthood


  • David Hatfield, www.davidhatfieldca, a Vancouver based facilitator with a focus on rites of passage, masculinity, experiential education and conflict transformation.
  • Raina Gardner, who locally leads Maiden Star, Girls Empowerment (GEM) and Young Women Rise (YWR) programming
  • Gabriel Keczan, a local counsellor/facilitator/art therapist, who leads boys rites of passage and father son programming


Who are youth mentors, why are they so important to support youth on their path to adulthood, and why might they be important in a screen age? The conversation anticipates an increasing need to understand the role of mentors, with the mentor role in the new grade 12 capstone projects. The conversation is also intended to be inclusive of youth mentoring and rites of passage in many areas - the arts, sciences, sports, and the outdoors.

To be held in the LVRogers Secondary School Drama room.
Sponsored by: The Dancing Bear Inn, DPAC, LVR PAC


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LVR Drama Room