Hiring for 2018-2019

School District 8 Kootenay Lake (SD8) has had a very busy staffing season so far, from May to end of September 2018. 

Year over year hiring from 2017/18 to 2018/19 has increased for total employees by 6%.  A significant reason for this increase is the application of the Restored Language for the teachers’ collective agreement. Teaching staff at the end of September this year compared to last September is 7% higher. Education Assistant staff are the same this September as last September, with a number of positions to be filled over the next month for new students. Administrative staff (principals, vice principals, and exempt staff) have seen a slight reduction of 2%.

Our Teacher Teaching on Call list has risen also by a significant 28% since last September.  This increase will enable the District to be more responsive to the needs of teachers who are away for various reasons, and will help maintain consistency and excellent teaching for students in our schools.

Staffing Numbers 2018      
As at October 4 2018 2017 % change
Teachers 323 headcount

302 headcount


(294 FTE)

(276 FTE)  
TTOCs 186 145 28%
Inclusive Ed Itinerants (included in teacher # above) 11.7 11.1 5%
Education Assistants 157 156 1%
Casual CUPE On Call (all) 179 178 1%
Custodians 46 39 18%
PVP and Exempt staff 42 43 -2%
Board Office CUPE staff 10 10 0%
Overall Total Including Casuals 840 787 6%


For more information:

Deanna Holitzki, Director of Instruction, Human Resource Services