Letter from the Principal of Wildflower School: Wildflower Nelson School facilities

I am writing to ensure all of our families are aware of and receive the invitation to an SD8 facilities meeting on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, from 4PM to 6PM. The first part of the meeting will focus on SD8’s capital budgeting. The second part of the meeting will be a public forum with District Staff and representatives from Wildflower PAC to discuss Wildflower Nelson facilities (see agenda below).

If there are any questions parents/guardians would like to submit to be answered by District Staff or PAC Representatives, please input your questions here: SD8 Nelson Facilities – Wildflower Forum Survey

The agenda for the Facilities Meeting will be as follows:

4:00PM to 4:40PM - Presentation: Results of SD8’s 2020-2021 Capital Operations Plans

  • 2020-2021 – Reviewing Facilities Projects Completed District-Wide
  • 2021-2022 – Overview of prospective work under next year’s Capital Operations Budget

4:40PM to 4:45pm - Break 
4:45PM to 6:00PM - Wildflower Nelson Facilities Forum

Members of District Staff and Wildflower PAC Representatives will ask each other questions. Board Trustees will be present to listen and ask questions.

Zoom: https://sd8.zoom.us/j/62829592223?pwd=eVBYT3daYmxqSmFVNVVTREVHRGNxZz09

Passcode: 331344
As the principal of Wildflower School, I would like to extend a personal thank you for the support, time, and incredibly hard work of Dr. Christine Perkins - Superintendent, Michael McLellan – Secretary Treasurer, Bruce MacLean – Director of Operations, Lenora Trenaman – Board Chair, and all members of the School District 8 Board of Education who are listening to the community needs and working toward a long-term positive solution for Wildflower families. The devotion of time to this facilities issue and willingness to work constructively with the Wildflower PAC is greatly appreciated.

A thank you also to the Wildflower Parent Advisory Committee and Middle years sub-committee who have been working with the School District 8 trustees and senior leadership to navigate the facilities process transparently and in good faith. A thank you to PAC chair Meaghan Paterson who has had to temper and moderate the efforts and passion of a diverse community of families throughout the past few months.

As the May 4th SD8 Facilities meeting approaches please utilize the SD8 Nelson Facilities – Wildflower Forum Survey to ask any questions directly to District Staff and/or PAC representatives to provide clarity and/or factual information that will support the Board of Trustees in making their decision.

I appreciate the level of stress and emotions that have been felt at varying levels for parents, guardians, staff, and students through the past several months. With some clear timelines in front of the school community, please keep the preservation of respectful relationships central to the process while working to engage constructively and transparently.

Sacha Kalabis, Principal  
Wildflower School  
811 Stanley Street 
Nelson, BC V1L 1N8 
250 505 7020 (office) 
250 551 0638 (cell)