Province implements vaping action plan

"The Province is bringing into force regulations to fully implement the Province’s leading-edge vaping action plan, which was announced in November 2019.

The regulations restrict the content, flavour, packaging, advertising and sale of vapour products in British Columbia.

B.C.’s ministries of Health and Education will also establish a provincial youth advisory council to develop, pilot and launch youth-informed strategies to reduce vaping by young people.

“We heard from young people across the province that vaping companies are targeting them with a product that poses real and serious health and addiction risks,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “That’s why we are bringing in regulations to keep vapour products away from developing lungs and to prevent nicotine addiction. We know youth are eager to get involved in this action, and I’ve seen promising work through early youth engagement to help influence their peers and stop this dangerous trend of addiction.”"

Please read the full article on the BC Government website.