Youth Trades

Offered in partnership with local, regional and other colleges around the province, our secondary school students can participate in the Youth Train in Trades program, providing students in grades 12 with the opportunity for dual credit trades training. Our Youth Work in Trades program is available for learners in the Graduation Program and enables our students to begin their apprenticeship and obtain credits for graduation. 

Youth Train in Trades

Program Synopsis:

Youth Train in Trades (YTT) is a dual credit program that allows students to earn high school credits while attending college and getting a head-start on a career in the trades. YTT students participate in trades foundation programs that are designed to bring someone who is entering the trades up to the level of a 1st year apprentice. By participating in the program, students tuition for their trades foundation program is paid for by the school district. In addition, students begin to accumulate their hours needed to become a red seal trades person. After a trades foundation program, students are ready to enter the workforce as apprentices in their field. Students can participate in an foundation program in any accredited post-secondary trades training institution and still receive the support and funding from the YTT program.

Programs Offered, Start dates and length:

Carpentry Foundation  Aug/Feb 24 weeks
Electrical Foundation Aug/ Feb 24 weeks
Fine Woodworking Sept 36 weeks
Heavy Mechanical Foundation Sept 36 weeks
Metal Fabricator Foundation Feb 36 weeks
Millwright/Machinist Sept/Feb 36/30weeks
Welder Foundation Sept 28 weeks
Professional Cook Training Sept 28 weeks
Hairstylist Sept 36 weeks
Piping Trades *   Sept 24 weeks
Automotive Service Technician* Sept 30 weeks.

* only offered at College of the Rockies. All others are offered at both Selkirk and COTR

How to Apply:

Students who are interested in partaking in the program will need talk to their school counsellor and get an recommendation for an interview with the district Trades Training Co-ordinator. From here they will get an application form which they will complete and return to their counsellor. Students should plan on applying about one year in advance of the start date as these programs are very popular due to the quality of their instruction. There is an application fee of $39. Once a student is accepted into the program they will receive an acceptance letter stating so and a seat deposit will be due to the college 6 months before the start date. Students will also need to a College Readines Tool test.  This can be scheduled at  

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Youth Work in Trades

Program Synopsis: 

Students can gain 16 graduation credits and 480+ hours as a youth apprentice working with a redseal tradesperson. Students in this program are eligible for a $1000 bursary once they have completed 900 hours of work and have a Grade 12 average of a C+. Students can participate in this program during regular school hours, or through the work they do on the weekends and through the summer.

How to Apply:

Students should talk with their counsellor on how to fit the Youth Work in Trades program into their graduation plan. After this, students will meet with the Youth Trades Training Co-ordinator and complete the application process. Students will need to find an employer that is a red seal trades person and is willing to take them on as an apprentice as well. Once this is all complete students can begin working, learning through experience, building hours in the trade, making money all while earning high school credits.

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Youth Explore Trades Sampler

Program Synopsis: 

In this program, you will learn skilled trades such as Carpentry, Electrical, Heavy Duty Mechanics, and Welding in Selkirk College shops. Time in the course will be split between LVR and Selkirk, with 10 weeks of classes being hands-on learning at Selkirk College's Silverking Campus. During the course there will be an opportunity to work in a trade of your interest through a work experience placement and get your Grad Trans 12 or Planning 10 (Career Life Education 10). In this course, you will earn up to 20 credits towards your graduation while learning invaluable skills and seeing if a career in the trades would work for you.

How to Apply: 

Talk to your Counsellor or Career Education Teacher for more info.
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