District Forms


Cheque Requisition Voucher A1

Expense Claim A2

Requisition for Petty Cash A3

Transportation Assistance Application A4

Transportation Assistance Report Form A5

Journal Entry Request Form A6

CUPE Application for ProD Funds A7

T4A Honorariums Scholarships Service Payments A8

Missing Receipt Form A9



Desk Elementary Application form for (K-12) students D1



Clerical Evaluation form ST2

CUPE Pay Cycle 2017/2018

SD8 – Job Posting Template



External Application for Rental of School Board Premises / Waiver form M1

Transportation Request M3

Safety Hazard Report M4

WHMIS & Chemical Clean-Up in Schools M6

WHMIS & Chemical Clean-Up in Schools M7

Duty Status M9

Bus Operator’s Daily Log M10

Bus Conduct Report M11 word

Bus Conduct Report M11 pdf

Accident Report Form M12

Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer M13

First Aid Report m13

Authorization for Use of Private Vehicles/Application for transportation Variance M14

Underground Services Locations Sheet M15

Site Incident Investigation Report M16

Threat/Violence Report M17

Home/Site Visit Safety Check Form M18

Bus Plug In /Storage Charges – Cheque Requisition M19

Alarm Incident Report


Pay Slip via Email P2

Extended Health Care Standard Claim Form – Pacific Blue Cross P3

Municipal Superannuation Pension Fund P7

Teacher On Call Sign In Sheet P8

Teacher In Charge Sign In Sheet P10

Teacher Absence/Substitute Report P11

Regular Employee Time Sheet excel P12  Regular Employee Timesheet word P12

Temporary/Casual Employee Time Sheet – CUPE P13

Request for Time Off – CUPE P14

Kootenay Lake Teachers’ Federation Payroll Savings Plan (12 Mo. Pay) P15



Student Registration Form S1

Student Request for Transfer Form S3

Notice to Director of Instruction of Student Suspension S4

FILLABLE – District Scholarships Application Form S7

Student Excursions Outside of the Local Zone Distant or Overseas S9

Medication Attestation Form S11

Authorization Release for Administration of Emergency Medication Page 2 S11

Short-Term Leave of Absence Request – Teaching Personnel S12 PDF

Preferred TOC Request Form – PDF Version S13

Preferred TOC Request Form – Word Version S.13

Possible Teaching Staff Changes/Adjustments S17

Principal/Vice-Principal/District Staff Leave of Absence/Pro-D Release/Funding Request S18

Projected Enrolment Form S21

Industrial Arts Automotive Training Course Liability Release Form S22

KLTF Teacher Term/Continuing Addition Form

CUPE Permanent Increase/Decrease Form

CUPE Temporary Increase/Decrease Form



Paraprofessional Application for Pro-D or LOA SP1

Application for IEP Release Time Sub Costs SP2

Hi-Cost Student Support Funding Application SP3

Consent For Release Of Confidential Information SP4

Student Services Technology Loan Application SP6

SET-BC District Application / Student Checklist SP7

Paraeducator & Youth & Family Worker

Consent for Videotaping and Release of Videotape for SD#8 SP9

Significant Detriment Classification for a Student SP10

Teaching Assistant Evaluation SP11

TA practicum application SP13

Student Services Itinterant Staff Sign-In Sheet SP16



Student Bus Pass T1



Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease To Employer (form 6A)

Benefits Change

Extended Health Care Standard Claim Form – Pacific Blue Cross

MSP Group Change Form

MSP Premium Assistance Application

TD1 2017

TD1BC 2017



Employee Computer Purchase Plan Memo

Employee Computer Purchase Plan Form

Tuition Purchase Plan Form

Tuition Purchase Plan Memo 2018/03/07

Work Experience Placement Agreement PDF

Work Experience Placement Agreement Word doc