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As part of the districts ‘going Green’ initiative, SD8 has been working hard to create a program for staff that helps both the environment and our employees’ health and wellness. Starting on April 23, 2020 we are offering the Employee Bicycle Purchase Program. This is an interest free loan that any regular/continuing employee is welcome to use towards the purchase of a bicycle or E-bike. The loan has a taxable benefit component and as a result will appear on T4 statements (taxable benefit = prime interest rate x loan amount). Employees wishing to participate can pick their loan repayment length – 1, 2 or 3-years where at the end of the 3-year maximum, the loan must be paid back in full. You can repay your loan in full at any point if you so choose.

 How it Works: 

1) Request proof of employment letter from to receive a discount at one of the participating local vendors 

2) Purchase your bike from vendor of your choice

3) Complete the promissory note and email it to Brittany Deuling ( with a copy of your receipt – RECEIPT IS MANDATORY

4) The promissory note will be processed through Accounts Payable and the funds will be deposited directly into your account. 

5) Payments will be deducted automatically from your pay each pay period starting September 2022. 

We are in collaboration with some of the Kootenay’s bike vendors and are happy to support local!

Nelson Participating Vendors:


  • 15% off bike purchase
  • Free set of rear Pedego pannier bags – retailed at $65!!
  • One free bike service within the first year of purchase
  • Call: 250-509-1686 or Email: for a consultation and more info!


  • 10% off bike purchase
  • 15% off any accessories bought at time of bike purchase
  • One free bike service within the first year of purchase
  • Call: 250-354-4622 for more info!


  • Discount offer varies depending on choice of bike
  • Call: 250-505-5055 or Email: for more info!

Creston’s Participating Vendors:


  • Discount offer varies depending on choice of bike and availability of bikes at the store.
  • Call: 250-254-9707 for more info!


  • Discount offer varies depending on choice of bike
  • 15% off any accessories bought at the time of bike purchase
  • One free bike service within the first year of purchase
  • Call: 250-428-2630 or Email: for more info

*Please note that due to COVID-19, store access is restricted. Please contact the vendor to check on their store policies/procedures during this time as circumstances change frequently. Some locations have also had to stop test rides so please take that into consideration. When purchasing your bicycle from one of these local vendors you will need proof of employment in order to receive the discount.

Please email for a proof of employment letter.

You can find more information in the memo and promissory note. If you have any questions, please contact Brittany Deuling for further details.

FAQs: Employee Bike Purchase Program

1. Who is eligible for the loan?

  • Any SD8 CUPE member who holds a regular position
  • Any SD8 KLTF member who holds a continuing position
  • Term KLTF or Temp CUPE who hold a position for a full year or more by September 2022. (loan must be repaid by the end of the temporary contract/position).
  • All excluded staff

2. How does repayment work?

  • Payroll will deduct the amount calculated on your promissory note monthly (KLTF/Excluded staff) or bi-weekly (CUPE) for the loan length that you chose – 1, 2 or 3-yrs. Repayment is based off of 10-months (Sept to Jun) so no payments will be made in July or August.

3. How quickly can I expect to be reimbursed by the District after submitting my receipt and promissory note?

  • You will be reimbursed by direct deposit in approximately 1 – 1 ½ weeks after submitting your forms.

4. When will my repayments begin if I buy a bike between now (May 2022) and August 2022?

  • Your payroll deductions will begin in September 2022

5. If the cost of the bike I want to purchase exceeds the max loan amount of $4,500, can I still submit the receipt?

  • Yes. You can submit your receipt for the whole amount but you will only be granted $4,500 so the difference will be your responsibility when purchased.

6. Does the loan cover accessories as well?

  • At this time, the loan is only covering the cost the bike itself and parts of the bike. Ex: if pedals, fenders or a seat are required to be purchased separately. The loan will not cover items such as helmets, gloves, shorts etc.

7. If I am a term teacher what are my options for loan repayment length? 

  • You must pay back your loan by the end of your term assignment. This only applies for teachers who are in a full year term assignment.

8. How do I get proof of employment?

  • Email for a letter to receive your discount at one of the participating vendors.

9. Do I have to purchase my bike from one of the local vendors listed?

  • No. We have set up discounts with some of our Kootenay vendors and we love to support local, but you are not obligated to purchase from them. You can buy from any vendor of your choosing.

10. When will the program end?

  • The bike purchase program will run for the 2022/23 school year at least. We will review the success at that time.

11. Can I put more money towards my loan some months?

* If you have any further questions or special circumstances please contact Brittany Deuling at: