All Schools: In-class Learning Suspended / Soft Beginnings starting Monday, March 30th.

Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

Employee Family Assistance Program

Family Services Employee Assistance Programs 

Every day we get up and look after our families, we go to work and look after other people’s children. When do we take care of ourselves? Sure we eat right, exercise, and go to the doctor if we need to, but do we ever think about our mental health? With the stresses of life, relationships and work we all need to take the time to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

FSEAP is a service that is available to members and their immediate family who may also be dealing with similar challenges to those above.

The service is completely confidential and is available without direct counselling costs. 

#301 – 1638 East Broadway
Vancouver BC V5N 1W1


1-800-667-0993 (604-732-6933)