Bus Registration Procedure 2022-2023

SD8 Student Bus Service Registration

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Student Bus Registration

2022-2023 Bus Registration is now due!

All riders from Kindergarten to Grade 12 need to register annually, in order to have a seat on the bus. Seats are limited and only registered riders may use the bus service. Due to space limitations some routes may have a waitlist.

For Students requesting bus services:

  • All families requesting bus service must complete a registration form for each child, every year.  
  • Seats are limited and only registered riders may use the bus service.
  • Please review with your child: Code of Conduct for Bus Students

Instructions on how to register:

  • Complete and Submit the online Registration Form indicating your child(ren’s) age, grade and school for the 2022-2023 school year (Please note that more than one child can be registered on the same online form)
  • Read the Bus Passenger Code of Conduct and confirm acceptance

Registration Deadline: June 24, 2022.  Applications received after June 24 will be considered only if space is available on routes as scheduled. 

You will receive an initial email confirmation that your registration has been received.  Then, once processing and route design is complete, you will receive an a second email confirmation that;

a) Your request for bus service privileges has been approved


b) You have been put on a waiting list.

Students eligible for district bus service will be awarded a seat on the bus. Students not eligible for district bus service (courtesy riders) may be granted a seat on the bus after all eligible students are placed and only if there is an extra seat available on a set run. 

  • Eligible Riders: Students who live within their school’s catchment area and outside of the school walk limits.
  • Courtesy Riders: Students who live outside of their school’s catchment or within the school walk limits.
  • School Walk Limits: Students are expected to walk to school wherever possible. To be eligible to ride an SD8 school bus a student must reside at a distance from their catchment school greater than 2.5 km for elementary, and 3 km for intermediate and secondary.

Once your transportation registration has been approved by the district, the transportation office will send you an email to confirm your registration with times and stops assigned to your child/children to be used.  This second email is your confirmation email. 

Boarding the bus in September:

  • Print off the confirmation email .
  • Give the email to the driver when getting on the bus for the first time in September.  
  • Each registered bus rider will be issued a bus pass in the form of a hard plastic card which is to be carried by the students. This pass must be presented each time the student boards and departs the school bus.  

Bus Passes: Students registered for transportation in the current 2021/2022 school year will continue to use their bus pass for the 2022/2023 school year. Please hold onto your pass over the summer! Students new to SD8 Transportation will have a bus pass delivered to their school for September startup.