Coherence and Alignment

SD8’s goals and priorities, aligned with the Ministry Service Plan, demonstrate the district’s sector commitments, such as:

  • Ministry Policy for Student Success: Educated Citizen, Intellectual Development, Human and Social
  • Development, Career Development
  • Provincial legislation, priorities, and policy direction
  • Annual School Learning Plans – reports on Early Learning; Literacy; Numeracy; Trades and Career Education;
  • and Aboriginal Education
  • Local Education Agreement
  • Aboriginal Committee of Education Guiding Principles and Protocols

SD8’s Strategic Plan goals are literacy, numeracy, inclusion, and Indigenization. The district vision is to focus on excellence for all learners in a nurturing environment. These goals and vision align with the goals of the Ministry of Education and Child Care’s Service Plan.

In addition, the Aboriginal Education program focus areas of belonging, success, truth before reconciliation, history and culture are congruent with SD8’s Strategic Plan and the Ministry Service Plan. The district continues to support and implement practices resulting in learning success for Indigenous students and in improved graduation rates for all learners. School learning plans focus on the Enhancing Student Learning Report and on ensuring that strategies and structures support the learning success of individual Indigenous students, students with diverse abilities, and children and youth in care within each school.

For the 2022–2023 school year, the School Learning Plan Framework has been re-envisioned to reflect a new structure, equity focus, and district-wide alignment with the district’s goals and the ministry’s goals.

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