Superintendent's Report - Dec 2021

December is an exciting time. The energy of the upcoming holiday season and being surrounding by lights and festivity is often a special time. It also represents a time when we all take a break from the routine of school to rebuild our resilience and optimism for a new year. As we focus on kindness and appreciation for the fortunate opportunities we have, we remember to support members of our community that have a more difficult time during this season. 

An exciting part of this district is seeing how generous our students have been to those in need around the world. Through fundraisers, volunteer work, and invitations to school events, our students and staff have touched the lives of those nearby and those far away. I am proud of the generosity that our students have demonstrated throughout the district.

During this season of giving, I wish you all the peace, joy and happiness and the best of everything for the coming year. Please enjoy some well-deserved time off. I am grateful for you and look forward to a new year of learning with our staff and students.

Please take an opportunity to review some of the highlights over the last month.

Trish Smillie, Superintendent of Schools