Employee Directory

Superintendent's Office:

Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Christine Perkins Superintendent of Schools/Chief Executive Officer 250-505-9625 christine.perkins@sd8.bc.ca
Elaine Kotyk Clerical Assistant/Reception 250-352-6681 clerical.sbo@sd8.bc.ca
Stefanie Whale Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Secretary Treasurer 250-505-7050 stefanie.whale@sd8.bc.ca

Finance & Office of the Secretary-Treasurer:

Name Position Phone Email
Michael McLellan Secretary-Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer 250-505-7039 michael.mclellan@sd8.bc.ca
Rosanne Winter Accounts Payable 250-505-7052 accounts.payable@sd8.bc.ca
Samara Shaw Comptroller 250-505-7046 samara.shaw@sd8.bc.ca
Stefanie Whale Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Secretary Treasurer 250-505-7050 stefanie.whale@sd8.bc.ca
Shannon Ellis Payroll & Accounting Clerk 250-505-7048 sellis@sd8.bc.ca
Shauna Martens Payroll & Benefits Coordinator – CUPE & Teachers 250-505-7051 smartens@sd8.bc.ca
Penny Bush Purchasing Coordinator 250-505-7049 penny.bush@sd8.bc.ca

Human Resource Services:

Name Position Phone Email
Deanna Holitzki Director of Human Resource Services 250-505-7012 dholitzki@sd8.bc.ca
Chandra Moon Executive Assistant - Human Resources 250-505-7038 ea.hr@sd8.bc.ca
Russell Warwick Health, Wellness and Safety Officer 250-505-8242 russell.warwick@sd8.bc.ca
Melissa Maida Human Resource Services Clerk 250-505-7064 hrservices@sd8.bc.ca
Theresa Montpellier Manager - Human Resource Services 250-505-7045 tmontpellier@sd8.bc.ca
Holly Kerr SmartFindExpress Operator/Dispatch 250-505-7065 tabsence@sd8.bc.ca

Inclusive Education:

Innovative Learning Services:

Name Position Phone Email
Naomi Ross Acting Director of Innovative Learning Services 250-505-7008 nross@sd8.bc.ca
Vanessa Finnie Curriculum Support Teacher 250-505-7005 vanessa.finnie@sd8.bc.ca
Kyla Coult Innovative Learning Secretary 250-505-7071 clerical.innovative@sd8.bc.ca
Brent Firkser Trades Training Coordinator 250-505-7005 brent.firkser@sd8.bc.ca

Operations and Transportation:

Name Position Phone Email
Bruce MacLean Director of Operations 250-354-4871 ext 209 bmaclean@sd8.bc.ca
Janet Wall Manager of Operations Creston 250-428-5329 Ext. #8 janet.wall@sd8.bc.ca
Shannon Tetz Assistant Transportation Coordinator (Creston) 250-428-5329 ext#2 lhbr@sd8.bc.ca
Pat Thast Assistant Transportation Coordinator (Nelson) 250-354-4871 ext.205 LHbuswest@sd8.bc.ca
Michelle Lohrey District Transportation Coordinator 250-354-4871 ext. #204 transportation.coordinator@sd8.bc.ca
Al Krause Operations Foreman 250-354-4871 ext. 201 foreman@sd8.bc.ca
Shawna Roeland Operations Secretary 250-354-4871 nmaintenance@sd8.bc.ca
Stacey Finley Transportation Clerical 250-354-4871 ext TBD c2.nmaintenance@sd8.bc.ca


Name Position Phone Email
Nick Howald Director of Information Technology 250-505-7023 nick.howald@sd8.bc.ca
Nona Lynn Executive Assistant - IT Dept/MyEdBC/DL Dept 250-505-7057 nona.lynn@sd8.bc.ca
Phillip Carpendale Technology Coordinator
2018-2019 Senior Leadership Organizational Chart