General Notes on Use of Data in this Report

The Ministry of Education and Child Care provides both masked and raw unmasked data to school districts to facilitate the preparation of the Enhancing Student Learning report. As the report is a public document the charts and tables in this report use only data available from the unmasked data set. Where appropriate, the unmasked data set was used to validate assumptions about trends documented in the report. Data has been drawn from provincial sources including Sharepoint, Power BI, and Aboriginal How Are We Doing Report (HAWD) as well as district sources. Where needed, data has been manually calculated to reflect accurate results.

From 2018-2021, reporting language has shifted and therefore the district has adjusted data calculations with asterisks below tables to clarify.

Note: Data pertaining to children and youth in care is currently unavailable and so does not appear in any of the data tables in this report.

Informed Evidence

The Enhancing Student Learning Report and the Continuous Learning Reports show the data analysis and interpretation of trends over time.

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