Continuous Learning

Continuous Improvement Through Coherence

District goals are identified through analysis of the evidence through the Enhancing Student Learning Report, Continuous Learning Reports, Operational Reports and School Learning Plans. In order to enhance the learning for all students and ensure that each student is able to graduate with dignity, purpose, and options.

SD8’s four learning goals include numeracy, literacy, inclusion and Indigenization and can be found in the District Strategic Plan. Within these four learning goals, SD8 specifically focuses on fostering equity for all learners.

By ensuring that school learning plans, operational plans, and continuous improvement reports support and align with the Board of Education’s strategic plan, there is opportunity for coherence in planning and use of resources to create efficiency and build towards student success.

Continuous Learning Reports 

Aboriginal Education Plans

School Learning Plans

Elementary Schools

Elementary-Secondary Schools

Middle Schools

Middle and Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

Operational Plans

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