Sheri Walsh

  • Division: City of Nelson/Bealby Point
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When her daughter was in grade 1, Sheri was enticed to attend her first PAC meeting with a promise of chocolate samples for a fundraiser. There were no chocolates, but Sheri was quickly hooked by the opportunity to build relationships and work with other parents and staff for all students at their school. Since then she’s filled several roles on PACs, SPCs and DPAC, as well as serving as the trustee for the Slocan Valley/Bonnington from 2012 to 2014.

Over the past few years, she expanded DPACs volunteer parent advocacy program helping parents advocate for their children, and served as one of the DPAC reps on all of the district Committees of the Whole. She is honoured and thrilled to return to the Kootenay Lake School Board as one of the trustees for Nelson/Bealby Point.