Cycle of Improvement

SD8’s Strategic Plan follows a five-year cycle which ends in 2023. All British Columbia school districts are required by the Ministry of Education and Child Care to produce an annual Enhancing Student Learning report
which aligns with the District Strategic Plan and the Ministry of Education Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, and the Ministry Service Goals.

SD8 has developed an annual planning cycle for Enhancing Student Learning. The cycle includes ongoing data analysis and consultation. Development and design phases of both school and district plans occur annually. School Learning Plans follow a three-year cycle and are used along with consultation and data analysis to create an annual Enhancing Student Learning report.

The Enhancing Student Learning report is adopted and approved by the Board of Education and then submitted to the Ministry. Implementation of the action items in the report takes place throughout the school year. Annual reports on Aboriginal Education, at a public meeting to monitor implementation of the Enhancing Student Learning Report.


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