Early Learning

The Ministry of Education is updating the Early Learning Framework for 2018. Please visit the Early Learning Framework web page to read a draft of the revised framework then send us your feedback.

For additional information: 2018 Revised Early Learning Framework (Draft)

Support for our youngest learners is critical to success. A variety of programs are in place to ensure the success of our early learners. 

Primary Program

For our K to Grade 3s, each school offers a unique configuration to meet the needs of their children and community. Our primary learning environments are exciting places to be - creative, enthusiastic children and professional, caring adults working together to develop a love for learning. We focus on well being and belonging, exploration and creativity, social responsibility and diversity, and foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. 

Ready Set Learn

An opportunity for three to five year olds and their families to connect with their neighbourhood school and access early learning resources available in their communities. 

Read by Grade 3

Direct literacy support for learners in our primary program. 


A drop-in program for children aged 0-5 and their parent/caregiver. 

Full day Kindergarten

A play-based learning environmnent offering a rich program for the first year of school for our children.