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Below are the current adopted Policies of the Board of Education of School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake).

New Policies and Policy Revisions:

To propose a new policy or policy revision, please complete and submit a Policy Pro Forma.

View current draft policies.

See Policy 160: Policy Development below for more details.


Index of Bylaws and Policies


Section 100: Governance

Section 300: Students

Section 400: Instruction and School Organization

Section 600: Finance and Business Operations

Section 700: Facility Operations and Transportation


Section 800: Privacy, Information and Communication

Section 900: Online Learning


Administrative Procedures Index

Section 1000 - General Administration

Section 2000 - Instructional Programs and Materials

Section 3000 - Students

Section 4000 - Personnel and Employee Relations

Section 5000 - Business Administration


1.0 Inclusive Education Overview

       1.1 What is Inclusive Education
       1.2 Inclusive Education General Guidelines
       1.3 School and District Structures
              1.3.1 Parent Information for Special Education Designations and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Diverse Abilities
       1.4 District Inclusive Education Descriptions
       1.5 School Inclusive Education Descriptions
       1.6 Inclusive Education Staff List
       1.7 Non-Enrolling Staff in Schools List
       1.8 Inclusive Education Staff Schedules

2.0 Inclusive Education General Procedures 

       2.1 File Management Guidelines
       2.2 Confidentiality Guidelines
              2.2.1 Consent for Release of Confidential Information
              2.2.2 Parent Consent for Consultation
              2.2.3 Parent Consent for an Academic Assessment (Level B)
              2.2.4 Parent Consent to Use Electronic Communications to Provide Telepractice Services
       2.3 OT and PT School-Aged Referral and Service Guidelines
              2.3.1 OT Referral Checklist for SBT's 
       2.4 Working with Community Agencies
       2.5 Community Service and Privately Contracted Service Providers Protocol
              2.5.1 Intake Form Creston Early Childhood Services
       2.6 Partial Day Program for Students Form
       2.7 Allocations of Resources to Schools (2023/2024 Information)
              2.7.1 SISAR Form
       2.8 Inclusive Education Timeline 2023-2024
       2.9 WJ-IV Assessment Process - Schools

3.0 Inclusive Support Planning and Audit Preparation

       3.1 Tasks and Timelines - Elementary
       3.2 Tasks and Timelines - Secondary
       3.3 Student Binder Audit Checklist Category A, B
       3.4 Student Binder Audit Checklist Category C, D, E, F, G
       3.5 Student Binder Audit Checklist Category H
       3.6 Student Binder Audit Checklist Category K, Q, P, R
       3.7 What is an Inclusive Education Plan
       3.8 IEP Adaptations and Modifications
       3.9 IEP Reporting on Students with Disabilities and Diverse Abilities
       3.10 Grade Retention and Reporting Student Progress
       3.11 Academic Referral Checklist for SBT's
       3.12 Behaviour Referral Checklist for SBT's
              3.12.1 Category H Audit Plan
       3.13 IEP Meeting Minutes Template
       3.14 Competency Based IEP - A Meeting Guide Form
       3.15 My IEP Learning Profile
       3.16 Strength Based Student Profile
       3.17 Universal Classroom Supports for Access
       3.18 Essential Supports for Access
       3.19 Who Am I Profile

4.0 School- and District-Based Teams

       4.1 Student Planning Process
       4.2 School- and District-Based Team Overview
       4.3 School- and District-Based Team Guidelines
       4.4 School-Based Team Referral Template 1
       4.5 School-Based Team Referral Template 2
       4.6 School-Based Team Notes on Referrals
       4.7 School-Based Team Meeting Agenda Template
       4.8 School-Based Team Meeting Minutes Template
       4.9 School Referral to District-Based Team
       4.10 District-Based Team Notes on School-Based Team Referral
       4.11 District-Based Team Meeting Agenda Template
       4.12 District-Based Team Meeting Minutes Template
       4.13 District Psychology Services Referral Form
              4.13.1 District Psychoeducational Assessment Referral Checklist
       4.14 Interagency Case Management Overview
       4.15 ICM Meeting Sign In Sheet Template
       4.16 Interagency Review Plan Summary
       4.17 School Overview of External Support

5.0 Special Education Assistive Technology and Inclusion Planning

       5.1 Assistive Technology Implementation Form
       5.2 Assistive Technology Service Plan Form

6.0 Student Health

       6.1 Anaphylaxis
       6.2 Medication
       6.3 Diabetes Care
       6.4 Seizure Care
       6.5 Medical Conditions and Medical Alerts
              6.5.1 Medical Alert Planning Form
       6.6 Headlice
       6.7 Communicable Diseases

7.0 Student Transitions

       7.1 Kindergarten Transition Planning
       7.2 Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities and Diverse Abilities
       7.3 Transition Guide: School Completion Certificate
       7.4 Transition Guide: Supplemental Visual Support
       7.5 Transition Information for Resources for Graduating Students with Diverse Needs
       7.6 Universal Support for Provincial Graduation Assessments Guidelines
              7.6.1 Universal Support for Provincial Graduation Assessments Form
              7.6.2 Information for Post-Secondary Institutions Form

8.0 Behaviour and Safety Planning

       8.1 Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour, and Bullying: What's the Difference?
       8.2 Functional Behaviour Assessment Questionnaire
              8.2.1 Functional Behaviour Assessment Student Response Form
              8.2.2 Functional Behaviour Assessment and Behaviour Intervention Plan Template 1
              8.2.3 Positive Behaviour Support Plan with Functional Behaviour Assessment Template 2
              8.2.4 Positive Behaviour Support Plan Template 3
              8.2.5 Positive Behaviour Support Plan Template 4
              8.2.6 FBA PEACE Behaviour Plan
              PEACEful Schools Intervention Resource
              PEACEful Schools Activity
       8.3 ABC Observation Form Checklist
       8.4 ABC Observation Form Template
       8.5 Routine Analysis - ABC Tracker Template
       8.6 Frequency, Duration, and Intensity Form Template
       8.7 Weekly Scatter Plot Template
       8.8 Physical Restraint and Seclusion Information
       8.9 Student Behaviour Assessment Form
       8.10 Record of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention of a Student
       8.11 Problematic Sexual Behaviour for Students Under 12 Flow Chart 
       8.12 Problematic Sexual Behaviour for Students Under 12 Levels of Sexual Behaviour 
       8.13 Problematic Sexual Behaviour for Students Under 12 Sexual Development by Developmental Age 
       8.14 Problematic Sexual Behaviour for Students Under 12 Response Plan 
       8.15 Employee Safety Planning Manual
              8.15.1 Employee Safety Plans Introduction
              8.15.2 Workplace Risk Assessment (WRA)
              8.15.3 Employee Safety Plan Form
              8.15.4 No Employee Safety Plan in Place Letter
       8.16 erase Training Guidelines for Principals

9.0 District Programs

       9.1 English Language Learner Program
              9.1.1 Audit Checklist for Items for 1701 ELL Audit Compliance
       9.2 Alternate Education Program Referral
       9.3 Hospital Homebound Services Referral
       9.4 Hospital Homebound Services Report

10.0 Ministry of Education (Inclusive Education), Provincial, and Other Agency Resource Programs

       10.1 Ministry Category Definitions
       10.2 Ministry of Education Special Education Category Checklists (2010)
       10.3 Planning Tools - Physical Disabilities of Chronic Health (D)
       10.4 Planning Tools - Autistic Spectrum Disorder (G)
       10.5 Planning Tools - Behaviour Intervention or Mental Health (H)
       10.6 Planning Tools - Learning Disabilities (Q)
       10.7 Planning Tools - Intellectual Disabilities (C/K)
       10.8 Provincial Outreach Programs
       10.9 Other Agency Programs

11.0 Child and Youth Protection

       11.1 Continuing Custody Orders (CCOs) for Children and Youth in Care
       11.2 Care Plan for Students with CCOs
       11.3 Data Collection Sheet for Students with CCOs
       11.4 Asset Checklists
       11.5 Checklist - Child or Youth in Care Change in School
       11.6 Checklist - Child or Youth in Care Change in Living Arrangement
       11.7 What To Do if You Think a Child is Being Abused or Neglected
       11.8 Directions on CYIC in MyEdBC

12.0 Critical Incidence

       12.1 Critical Incident Resource Manual 

13.0 Behavioural and Digital Threat Assessment Management (BDTAM)

       13.1 Interagency BDTAM Protocol and Procedures
       13.2 BDTAM Model Overview
       13.3 BDTAM Flowchart
       13.4 Principal's Checklist for Immediate Threat
       13.5 When to Activate the BDTAM Protocol
       13.6 Determining Level of Risk
       13.7 Stage One BDTAM Report Form
       13.8 Stage Two BDTAM Report Form
       13.9 Stage Three BDTAM Report Form
       13.10 Worrisome Behaviour Procedures and Assessment
       13.11 Letter of Fair Notice for Parents and Students from Superintendent
       13.12 Additional BDTAM Resources
              13.12.1 Guidelines for Staff Dealing with Traumatic Events
       13.13 BDTAM Confidential Release

14.0 Resources

       14.1 SD8 Community Resources Brochure
       14.2 Classroom Adaptation Strategies for Teachers
       14.3 Vision Best Practices
       14.4 Interior Health Resources