All Schools: In-class Learning Suspended / Soft Beginnings starting Monday, March 30th.

Teachers will be contacting students and families during the week to check up and say 'hi'. Stay Healthy. 

Board Policies

Below are the current adopted Policies of the Board of Education of School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake). 

Review of Administrative Guidelines

New Policies and Policy Revisions

To propose a new policy or policy revision, please complete and submit a Policy Pro Forma.

Current draft policies are available here

See Policy 160: Policy Development for more details.


Section 100: Governance

Section 200: Health & Safety 

Section 300: Students

Section 400: Instruction & School Organization

Section 500: Human Resources

Section 600: Finance & Business Operations

Section 700: Facility Operations & Transportation

Section 800: Information & Communications Technology

Section 900: Online Learning